Polearms are an ancient art devised by the Chinese during the early Civil Wars and such. It was designed to be the perfect weapon, capitalizing on strength while being able to keep distance.

Polearm Weapons

  1. Polearm Tier 1
  2. Polearm Tier 2
  3. Polearm Tier 3
  4. Bisento
  5. Kamitori

Polearm Attacks

Polearm Calamity

Calamity - This is an attack used to capitalize on surrounding enemies. The user turns his blade sidewards and swins in a circle, swinging his blade around and around. This attack deals fatal damage and does (with every hit landing) base 470 damage.

This attack is known for its power and it's ability to cause mass damage in short amounts of time. It is normally feared by players and can be a difference maker in a very heated match.

Attack idea thanks to dejonjones123 (Moderator).

Polearm Hurricane

Hurricane - Another AOE attack capitalizing on that user's strength, Hurricane is known for the slight speed boost you get while using it, making it good for catching your opponents.

It does base 240 damage, but, as said before, makes up for it in the speed boost you get used to catch enemies that are running.