The game features 4 classes which are all (contrary to popular belief) completely balanced. The classes all negate and triumph over certain other classes and all have unique things to them.

Sword Styles (1SS, 2SS, 3SS) - Nicknamed the Warriors.

Sword styles features quick, percise attacks that all deal quick and easy damage and don't have very long cooldowns. This is (quite possibly) the most balanced class in the game.

Gunners (Slingshots, Guns, Hand Cannons) - Nicknamed the Glass Cannons.

Gunners feature quick damage at the price of low defense and always being exposed to attacks. Gunners can deliver damage from long distance and are all referred to as glass cannons, because while they deliver a lot of damage, they cannot take much.

Polearms (Spears, Polearms) - Nicknamed the Tanks.

Polearms are the tank class of the game that have high defense but suffer from long cooldowns and low speed. Polearms can deliver mass amounts of damage and high defense.

Brawlers (Combat, Black Leg) - Nicknamed the Assassins.

Combat will always be the fastest and the easiest to kill class. Combat features quick attacks with low damage, but will always suffer from their low defense. They also have high speed as they are able to easily enter and leave a fight situation.

The Attack Spectrum

The game has classes that negate each other and classes that beat each other.

  • Sword Styles > Combat
  • Combat > Gunners
  • Gunners > Polearms
  • Polearms > Sword Styles